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Property Management

We are a local company. All of our staff LIVE and LOVE local. We take great pride in our community and want to ensure we demonstrate what Navarre Beach is truly about: Being Florida's Most Relaxing Place. We make it our mission to take the stress out of owning a vacation rental. Your property becomes an extension of our own, and we pour the same devotion into it as we do our personal spaces. Our journey together is one where your property's potential is nurtured with boundless care and unwavering devotion. We invite you to experience the out of this world service we provide. When you join the Blue Moon family, you're not just securing property management; you're choosing a team of passionate, dedicated Navarre locals who will always treat your home with the TLC it deserves.

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What Does TLC Mean To Us?

Trust is the cornerstone of our relationships, Love is our driving force, and Care is our commitment to you.

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A vacation home is a huge investment. We understand that entrusting your property to a management company requires confidence in the team you choose. We know it's paramount to choose a team you KNOW you can trust. We take this responsibility to heart and make trust the cornerstone of our homeowner relationships. With years of experience in property management on Navarre Beach, we have built a reputation based on integrity, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to our homeowners and their guests. Our teams attention to detail, ethical practices, accountability, and professionalism ensure your property is in safe hands. We work tirelessly to safeguard your home's value and maximize its revenue potential. When you choose to join the Blue Moon family you can relax knowing you are choosing a partner you can have full faith in to manage and care for your home away from home with the highest level of trust & service. Your peace of mind is our highest priority, and together, we'll navigate the journey of property management with the utmost expertise. 

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Where trust is the cornerstone of our homeowner relationships, love is the foundation and the driving force. At Blue Moon Vacation Rentals, love is not just a sentiment; it's an unwavering devotion that drives our every action. Our love is multi-faceted, extending to Navarre Beach, our valued homeowners, their cherished properties, and countless guests who vacation on Navarre Beach to experience our paradise for themselves. Most of all, its an all-encompassing affection for the work we do because for us property management is so much more than a profession, it is our passion.  We understand your home is not just a physical structure. It is so much more than that. It is your home away from home, a reflection of your personal journey, and a blissful sanctuary for you and your guests. Our team will love your property with the same enthusiasm and affection you've poured into it. When you choose Blue Moon, you are choosing a team that shares your passion and commitment, striving to enhance the potential of your property with genuine love. From the moment you join the Blue Moon family, we infuse every task related to your home with the same dedication we pour into our own homes. With every task, every interaction, and every decision we make, our love for what we do shines through.

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Caring for your property is not just a job - it's a commitment deeply rooted in our values and our passion. We go beyond the ordinary to provide a level of care that ensures your property remains in its most optimal state. Our expert team conducts regular maintenance checks, responds promptly to necessary repairs, and employs proactive strategies to prevent issues before they arise. Whether its landscaping, cleaning, maintenance, or routine inspections, every task is performed with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our commitment is unwavering, our dedication is genuine, and our passion for nurturing your property's growth fuels us. But our commitment doesn't end there. We understand each property is unique, as are each of our homeowner's and their goals. Our personalized approach extends to understanding your property's character, history, & the aspirations you have for it and then tailoring our services accordingly. Great property management is about more than upkeep; it's about preserving the individuality that makes your property special and ensuring it reaches the guests who will enjoy it as much as you do. When you choose Blue Moon, you're choosing a family dedicated to upholding your property's value and delivering a level of care that goes above and beyond your expectations. 

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What We Provide:


FREE VRBO Listing ($600 Value) + many other channels!

 Homes on our management program have the opportunity to be listed on VRBO, AirBnB, Homes & Villas by Marriot,, & their own dedicated booking page. Additionally we send out periodic email blasts to our database of over 4,000 subscribers!


FREE eye catching sign!

Where permitted, each of the homes on our vacation rental management program will feature a Blue Moon Vacation Rentals branded sign prominently advertising your beach house name, our phone number, and our website to attract new guests!


NO Long Term Contracts

We do not lock you into long term contracts as most companies do. If you are not happy with our partnership you can terminate our relationship at any time with NO PENALTY. We just ask that you honor existing reservations for the sake of our shared guests.

Blue Moon Revenue Projections (Postcard) (8.74 × 5.75 in) (3).png

FREE Maintenance*

We handle all maintenance issues and provide you with original invoices/receipts. *Minor repairs will be taken care of at NO LABOR COST to you! Should a major repair be necessary, we will collect estimates and coordinate with you prior to proceeding.*


Over 3000 5 STAR reviews!

We personally inspect each property after each guest checks out, and again after each clean to ensure it is presented to guests in its best light. Additionally, our staff is highly experienced in customer service. We go above & beyond to exceed guests expectations during every interaction


Monthly ACH Payouts

Your vacation rental is more than just a home away from home, it is also an investment. Not only do we want to maximize your revenue potential, but we also want to get you paid as quickly as possible. After a guest checks out, you will receive an ACH payment by the 15th of the following month. 

Blue Moon Revenue Projections (Postcard) (8.74 × 5.75 in) (3).png

We protect your home as if it were our own!

This means that we do not rent to spring breakers or student groups, we do not allow large events or parties, we ensure the stated occupancy of your home is strictly adhered to, and we keep an eye out for any suspicious activity that may put your home at risk.


Full weekly inspections when vacant

Even when your home is unoccupied, we keep an eye on it! We do full weekly inspection of your home, inside and out, to ensure its integrity and to check for any unusual activity including but not limited to signs of maintenance issues or uninvited guests.


We collect & pay taxes so YOU don't have to!

We stay up to date on local, state, and federal tax laws and regulations concerning your vacation rental investment. We ensure the proper taxes are collected from guests, maintain records, file reports, and pay the tax authorities on your behalf. 

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We greet all guests in person at your unit.

Our guests DO NOT have to start their vacation standing in a line. We personally greet them at the unit so we can introduce ourselves and let them know we are there for them 24/7. We believe the comfort level of meeting  with a "live person" is invaluable


Realtor Relationships & Referral Sharing

Over the years we have many built many valuable relationships with the tourism development and real estate professionals on Navarre Beach. This gives us insights, resources, and referral sharing that other companies do not have access to.


ALL local staff!

We stay up to date on local happenings including events, weather, and crime. When a guest or a homeowner calls, they will get a live person with first hand, real time, knowledge of Navarre Beach because this is our home and we love it.

Blue Moon Revenue Projections (Postcard) (8.74 × 5.75 in) (3).png

We truly embody what it means to be a local, service oriented business. We will make your journey to realizing your vacation rental investment dreams in "Florida's Most Relaxing Place" a stress-less endeavor.

*Minor repairs as determined by property manager. Property manager has sole discretion over which repairs are considered minor. Property manager is not obligated to provide any repairs free of charge if they deem them to not be considered minor repairs. 

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