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5 Ways to Celebrate National Puppy Day!

Personally, we think every day is perfect to celebrate our pups, but if the universe wants to give us a special day that's all about our them, why not take advantage and celebrate them in super special ways above and beyond the usual? Here are 5 of our favorite ideas for making the most out of National Puppy Day with your furry loved ones!

1.) Throw a puppy party!

What better way to celebrate than with a party in honor of your pooch? Invite the neighbor dogs over for a puppy play date, throw some new toys around the yard, and create your own pup cups to satisfy the fur babies' sweet tooths! Try this pup cup recipe for a treat that is sure to bring the puppy partiers lots of joy and stimulation: Line the cup with a thick coating of peanut butter, fill with whip cream, and top with a slice of bacon! Who doesn't love a good mix of sweet and savory, plus licking the peanut butter out of the cup will help them take their time to really seize the moment! To make the fun last even longer, try freezing it!

2.) Take your puppy to pick out a new toy!

Most pet stores are pet friendly. Why not take the furry loved one in your life for a car ride to the puppy superstore and let them pick out a new toy for themselves? Not only are you sure to get the right one, but we are PAWSITIVE your little one will love the fresh air and socialization! Choosing their own new toy might even help curb your puppy's appetite for chewing on your shoes, cords, and remote controls….we all know how that puppy teething goes! While you're at it, maybe you could get them a haircut, a new addition to their wardrobe, and a special treat too! Most pet superstores got it right by making themselves a one stop shop for all things pup related!

3.) Visit a Dog Park with your new toy in hand!

Most areas have dog parks where your pups are free to run around and release their puppy energy with new and old friends alike! No matter the age of your pooch, being free to run wild with the wind blowing through their fur is sure to bring out their inner puppy! Afterall, we're all young at heart and stay that way when we nurture our inner puppy, er child, right? Plus, the extra exercise will almost guarantee a peaceful night of sleep when you get home!

4.) Have a pup friendly dinner date!

Everyone loves their pups. We think it's safe to say our pets are part of the family. Luckily for us, businesses have caught on to this too! This creates more pet friendly businesses today that in decades past, especially when it comes to restaurants and niche cafes! Don't believe us? Just do a quick google search for pet friendly dining in [your area} and we can almost guarantee you'll find at least one option! From fully pet friendly options to deck side dining, we just know the pup in your life will be overjoyed to share a yummy chef crafted meal with you!

5.) Give your pup the gift of their very own beach vacation!

BONUS: YOU GET TO COME TOO! Here at Blue Moon Vacation Rentals, we LOVE pets! We have many different pet friendly options for vacation rentals on Navarre Beach with great rates! While you're in town, take the pups out to soak up the sun at one of our nearby dog friendly beaches, pick out a new toy at one of our pet friendly shops, have a spa day at one of our local groomers, and grab a bite to eat at one of Navarre Beach's pet friendly dining options which can be found here in our Navarre Beach Doggy Directory. The entire family is sure to have a PAWsome vacation full of unFURgettable memories! Sorry, not sorry…we just can't help ourselves when it comes to puppy puns!

Need more convincing? Check out our post with 5 more reasons to visit Navarre Beach in the Spring!

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