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Cheers to National Beer Day: Navarre Beach's Top 5 Brew-tastic Spots!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

National Beer Day is a time-honored tradition celebrated by beer enthusiasts across the United States, and it's coming up this week! It's a day when we raise our glasses high and toast to the art of brewing, the diverse flavors of beer, and the camaraderie that comes with enjoying a refreshing cold one with our family and friends. On Navarre Beach, Florida National Beer Day is celebrated with gusto, thanks to a fun local beer scene boasting exceptional breweries, taprooms, and beachside bars. To help you prepare for a proper celebration, we're taking you on a journey through Navarre Beach's top places to enjoy an ice cold beer, including St. Michaels Brewery, The Grey Taproom, Ye Olde Brothers Brewery, Juana's Pagodas, and Windjammers on the Pier. Let's raise a pint and dive into the world of Navarre Beach's beer scene!

Windjammers on the Pier: Where Beer & Beachside Beauty Unite

This charming coastal spot, perched right on the Navarre Beach Pier, combines the breathtaking beauty of the Gulf with an inviting casual seaside atmosphere. With the sound of the Gulf of Mexico's crashing waves in the background, you can relish in a variety of beer options, from craft brews to classic favorites. Windjammers' prime location offers front-row seats to panoramic views of the emerald Gulf waters and sugary white sand beaches, making it a picturesque setting to sip your favorite brew and celebrate the art of beer.

The laid-back vibes at Windjammers, and the casual costal bites, are perfect for a National Beer Day gathering with friends and family. The friendly staff, seaside ambiance, and the refreshing sea breeze set the stage for a memorable beer-centric experience. Whether you're toasting to the rich history of brewing or simply reveling in the joy of a cold beer overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, and the longest fishing pier in Florida (1,545 feet long!), Windjammers on the Pier is an ideal destination to raise a glass and celebrate National Beer Day in style.

Juana's Pagodas: Where Suds Meet Sun & Sand

Photo Credit: Juana's Pagodas

Juana's Pagodas, nestled along the stunning Santa Rosa Sound on Navarre Beach, is a gem that beckons both locals and travelers alike. This laid-back beachy oasis offers more than just a memorable drinking experience; it's a destination in itself. With its tiki-inspired architecture and panoramic views, Juana's Pagodas creates an atmosphere of relaxation and escape, with a welcoming space for everyone featuring 4 unique bar atmospheres PLUS waterfront dining. Whether you're lounging on their sandy white beach, sipping on their signature cocktails at the outdoor deck bar, dancing the night away to live music in the Pagoda Bar with the sand between your toes, soulfully sipping at the Schooner Bar, vibing in Club Pagodas, or indulging in fresh seafood at the Sailor's Grill, Juana's Pagodas offers a unique blend of coastal charm and a carefree island vibe. It's a place where you can soak up the sun, feel the gentle salty breeze, and revel in the essence of Navarre Beach's coastal lifestyle while enjoying some of the best entertainment in town.

And what better way to celebrate National Beer Day than during a stunning sunset happy hour? From Monday to Friday, between 5 PM and 7 PM, Juana's Pagodas hosts a lively Happy Hour that's sure to delight beer enthusiasts. During these golden hours, you can enjoy ice-cold domestic draft beers for just $3.25 as the sun sets over the salty Santa Rosa Sound waters. It's the perfect opportunity to gather with friends, old and new, to raise your glasses in a toast to the joy of beer and our beautiful sunshine state. With the tranquil waves as your backdrop and a refreshing brew in hand, Juana's Pagodas transforms National Beer Day into an unforgettable coastal celebration.

St. Michaels Brewery: Where Taste Meets Tradition

Photo Credit: St. Michael's Brewery

Located in the heart of Navarre, St. Michaels Brewery stands as a testament to the areas rich military history with their private label craft beers named in honor of our local heroes: The Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, and other peacekeepers. This brewery takes pride in crafting a variety of unique brews with something for everyone. Their range of in house one of a kind brewed ales, lagers, IPAs, bitters, wheats, stouts, ambers, sours, and ciders make it a must-visit for beer connoisseurs seeking an authentic one of a kind experience.

St. Michael's Brewery's dedication to the craft shines through with every sip telling a story of local culture and craftsmanship. In addition to their delicious brews and fun table games, St. Michaels's Brewery also has local food trucks on site nightly with a rotating lineup of crowd favorites and hosts fun events like Paint & Sip, Music Bingo, and Trivia nights. The brewery's welcoming laid back atmosphere is the perfect setting to enjoy a crisp beer at the casual indoor seating area while learning about the brewing process from the knowledgeable staff or outside in the beer garden enjoying our beautiful Navarre, Florida weather!

The Grey Taproom: Where Beer Enthusiasts Find Their Happy Place

Photo Credit: The Grey Taproom

For those who appreciate the artistry of craft beer, a huge variety, and a unique environment, The Grey Taproom is the place to be. This modern taproom with a cozy industrial ambiance prides itself on providing a vast array of tap beer and wines from around the world, with over 30 of each on hand plus an extensive list of bottled and canned options! Did we mention it shares a parking lot with Johnny Hustons, perfect for catching a game and a casual bite to eat after happy hour! Johnny Hustons serves beer too....and has PLENTY of screens for game day!

Grey Taproom's selection of beers showcases a wide range of styles, including experimental IPAs, barrel-aged creations, and sours that will tantalize your taste buds. The taproom's commitment to the aesthetic experience extends past its indoor ambiance with comfortable outdoor seating, yard games like cornhole & ladder ball, live music, and a fun filled atmosphere inside and out. It's the perfect spot to enjoy a beer while immersing yourself in one of the Navarre locals' favorite hang outs.

Ye Olde Brothers Brewery: Where History Meets Hops

Step back in time and savor a pint of history at Ye Olde Brothers Brewery. With rustic décor and a family friendly atmosphere, Ye Olde Brothers brewery is the perfect spot to grab a unique craft beer while treating the whole family to a bite to eat. Known as Navarre's first local craft brewery, Ye Olde Brothers boasts a wide variety of their own brews ranging from Extra Dry IPAs to a Coco Pina Wheat and everything in between! They even have their own line of wines, featuring a watermelon wine that's perfectly refreshing in the Florida sun!

In addition to their diverse lineup of beers and wines, Ye Olde Brothers Brewery offers an extensive food menu serving up old-world style brick oven pizzas with locally sourced ingredients and slow cooked smoked meats that will melt in your mouth! Before heading back to your Navarre Beach Vacation Rental, be sure to treat yourself to one of their Root Beer Floats crafted with their in house brewed Root Beer: A beer the whole family can enjoy together on National Beer Day!

So What Are You Waiting For?

On National Beer Day, there's no better way to celebrate than by exploring Navarre Beach's beer scene. Whether you're a fan of domestics, traditional ales, or experimental brews in a coastal, industrial, or historical ambiance, you'll find something to delight your senses at one of Navarre Beach's many fine beer serving establishments! If you needed a reason for a last minute Navarre Beach getaway, THIS IS IT!

Give us a call, check out our current Moonlight Specials, book your last minute Gulf escape at one of our gorgeous vacation rentals on Navarre Beach, raise your glass, toast to the brewers, and savor the flavors of the finest beers, and experiences, Navarre Beach has to offer!

Happy National Beer Day!

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