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Sip into Paradise: Unwind with The Beachfront Blue, Our Signature Drink

Whether you're planning your next beach vacation or you're bringing the beach vibes to you, the Blue Moon Vacation Rentals' signature drink, The Beachfront Blue, NEEDS to be on your itinerary! This tropical drink is perfect for sipping here, there, or anywhere…on the beach, by the pool, on your couch, in your yard, out on a boat soaking up the sun...wherever you are, it is sure to refresh and excite your tastebuds! TIP: For your boating enjoyment, or any other on the go adventures, make these tasty treats ahead of time and store them in these fun to go pouches. Then pop them into the cooler over ice. When you're ready to enjoy, squeeze the pouches a few times to soften, insert your straw, sip, and slip into relaxation mode!

Made with Coconut Rum, Vodka, Blue Curacao, Pineapple Juice, and sweet & sour mix with a pineapple wedge and cherry garnish, this thirst quenching sweet treat will transport you to a tropical paradise! For the littles in your group, or the bigs who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, simply leave out the rum & vodka and swap out the Blue Curacao for a splash of this non-alcoholic Blue Curacao syrup so everyone can enjoy this island indulgence together! We promise it will still be just as delicious and refreshing!

Not only is this coconutty concoction tasty, but its vibrant beachy blue color is perfectly picturesque, especially in one of these seaside sippers with their island inspired umbrella straws! Imagine sitting on the beach with your loved ones, toes in the sand, sipping on your frozen drink with the sun setting in the background and the sound of waves crashing on the shore. It's the ultimate beach vacation experience, and the perfect opportunity to capture the moment in beautiful pictures to share with friends and family...and to transport you back to these magical lifelong memories every time you see them!

At Blue Moon Vacation Rentals, we believe the only drink better than a Beachfront Blue, is a Beachfront Blue ON Navarre Beach! When you're ready to come visit us, and sip into paradise, we are here to help you find the perfect Navarre Beach vacation rental. With over 60 properties ranging from studio condos with resort amenities, to private single family homes with 6+ bedrooms and private dune crossovers to the Gulf of Mexico beaches, we are sure to have the perfect fit for your island getaway, blenders always included! Give us a call today at 850-974-7995, or view all of our vacation properties here! Until then, read on for the full recipe and step by step instructions for making our signature drink! See you soon!

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